Resume for Phil Burk

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Areas of Expertise


Staff Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA, January 2013 to present

Various Android Audio related projects.


President, Mobileer, Inc., San Rafael, CA, 2004 to January, 2013

Led technical team in development of a polyphonic MIDI synthesizer for embedded devices. Applications include mobile phone ringtone player and music player for toys. The Mobileer player was used in the popular Treo 600 and 700 series handsets from Palm. Other customers include Fisher-Price, Fujitsu and Saxa. Also managed marketing, sales, planning, contract negotiations, customer contact including international clients, and budgeting.

Member of the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers Asociation) working group defining a next generation music protocol for device communication. Developing a commercial implementation of the protocol in C++ and Java in partnership with Bome Software.

Contract development for various clients including:

Developed, marketed, distributed and sold:

Independent Developer and Contractor,, 1997 to January, 2013

Developed, marketed, distributed and sold a variety of software products including:

Contract projects include:

Manager of Audio Systems, CagEnt Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, 1997 to 1998.

Continuation of 3DO work. CagEnt was a 3DO spin-off. Chief architect and developer for custom RISC style DSP core and audio system software.

Manager of Audio Systems, The 3DO Company, Redwood City, CA 1992 to 1997

Led a team in the design and development of system software that used the 3DO custom DSP to synthesize audio in real-time. This system provided a modular, patchable software synthesizer for generating sound effects, and for playing MIDI files and soundfiles. Responsible for hardware architecture of the audio portion of 3DO's multi-media ASICs which include a custom DSP, proprietary decompression hardware, and multi-channel audio DMA. Developed cycle accurate simulator of a custom RISC processor. (The 3DO console was the first console to use a 32-bit CPU, 3D hardware accelerated graphics, optical disks and a DSP based software synthesizer.)

Lecturer and Researcher, Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, CA 1988 to 1992

Designed and developed HMSL, the Hierarchical Music Specification Language. HMSL is an object oriented language based on Forth that provides music related tools for experimental composers. Taught courses on electronic music.

President, Delta Research, San Rafael, CA 1986 to 1992

Worked with four partners to design, develop and sell JForth for the Commodore Amiga. JForth is a subroutine threaded Forth compiler and programming environment with an integrated editor.

Manager of Graphic Systems, Exploration Systems Inc., Sausalito, CA 1984 to 1986

Systems Architect for a petroleum exploration and mapping system. Designed and developed a smart terminal program for the Macintosh that allowed a mini-computer based application to display menus and dialog boxes using the Mac GUI.


Bachelors degree in BioPhysics from University of California at Berkeley. Coursework included computer programming, genetics, radiation biology, biophysical chemistry, electronics and music. Senior thesis involved mapping a chromosomal translocation in yeast.


References available upon request.