JSyn - modular synthesis API for Java.
JMSL - Java Music Specification Language
PortAudio - cross platform audio I/O API for 'C'

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Permanent Museum Installation using JSyn by Nico Wald

Beginning October 14, 2000
Bachgedenkstätte im Schloss Koethen
06366 Köthen/Sachsen-Anhalt

A program that  "works like a 'normal' software sampler. It plays samples of a real cembalo. The difference is that it allows to use different tuning scales like pure major, werckmeister, pythagoras ...". For more information, contact Nico Wald.

Past Events

Concert by Nick Didkovsky & Thomas Dimuzio

June 10, 2003, 8pm
Black Box, Oakland, CA ( )
On the same bill with Fightmaster, Full Throttle Orchestra, and Cadence Jazz.
ND: Electric guitar, laptop (homebrew JMSL and JSyn software)
TD: Live sampling (Kurzweil K2600)
Improvised sonic madness.

Nick plays tabletop guitar through his homebrew software, the output of which  gets sent to Tom's Kurzweil.  Tom samples this already seriously misshapen sound in real-time, and twists it into multilayered sonic knots.


Concert using JSyn by Douglas Wolf

Sonic Circuits DC
August 2, 2002, 8pm
Center for the Arts - Concert Hall
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Free, Presented by the DC chapter of the American Composers Forum

The piece is presented in the August 2 evening program, part of the Sonic
Circuits DC Festival taking place August 1-3.

"The performance is the software. The software interface is projected on a
screen for the audience. The sound is generated using JSyn. The dynamics of
the sound and visuals are tied to the progress of the performer through the

The piece was inspired by a comment of a friend, after witnessing a full
evening of 'laptop rockers', and by the composer's love of constraint-based
literature. It unfolds like a book, and like a game: a mixture of
determinism and chance.

To describe beyond this would reveal too much."

Sound Installation by Christian Marclay and douglas repetto

May 15 to October 20, 2002
Expo 2002
Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

"At the southern end of the lake floats ... a cloud! A huge cloud of mist on the lakeshore which you can enter after crossing a landscape of gently rolling hills.
The artificial mist is not an illusion: it consist of a metal construction that sprays innumerable tiny drops of lake water from 31,400 jets. This symbol of Yverdon's sensuous arteplage that functions in all weathers is a spectacular masterpiece of architecture and engineering."

Sounds created using JSyn.

Expo 2002 -
Cloud Architect -

Phil Burk demonstrating JSyn and JMSL at JavaOne Conference

Webcast from SUN site at:
During Tuesday morning Keynote, June 5th,
sometime between 8:30 - 10:30 AM, following James Gosling's talk.
San Francisco, Moscone Center

Phil will give a very brief demo of JSyn, Wire, WebDrum and Nick's JScore. There is a possibility that I may get bumped if the schedule slips.

Monkey Farm by Nick Didkovsky

Friday May 4th
Roulette, New York, NY

The Monkey Farm is guitarist/composer/facilitator Didkovsky's setting for stories written by Forever Einstein's Chuck W Vrtacek. With theatre director Valeria Vasilevski reading (known for her extreme work with Diamanda Galas among others) and real-time voice warping using special [JSyn] software designed by Phil Burk, Robert Marsanyi and Didkovsky, the ensemble is completed by members of the legendary and incorruptible band, Doctor Nerve.

Phil Stone performing live music for the Laura Pawel Dance Company

8 PM Friday & Saturday, February 9 & 10; 5 PM Sunday, February 11, 2001
Speyer Hall / University Settlement / 184 Eldridge St. (corner Rivington)  NY, NY, USA

Dancers: Jim Finney, Pamela Finney, Maki Kurokawa, Elaine Myrianthopolous, Laura Pawel
    + Stacey Berkheimer and Kevin Mulligan.
Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

Phil will be performing JSyn programs that he has written for the event.

Premiering "Rama Broom", a new piece for piano and voice, composed by Nick Didkovsky. Performed by Kathleen Supove.

8pm, November 20, 2000
NYU Theatre, 35 West 4th Street, NY NY
Listen to a short mp3 excerpt of a computer realization of the piece.
See a page of the score (not same page as mp3 excerpt)
For more information, visit Nick's event page.

This piece was composed using JMSL, JavaMidi, and JSyn to preview the work in progress.

JSyn and JMSL Workshop at ICMC 2000

Sunday, August 27
Berlin, Germany
International Computer Music Conference 2000

A hands on workshop on JSyn and JMSL programming for conference attendees. Presented by Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky.

Concert with Anne La Berge and Nick Didkovsky

August 19
Columbus, Ohio
Scratch for amplified flute and CD's
Nick Didkovsky - programming
Anne La Berge - flute

Scratch provides the performer with a context within which to improvise.  Scratch is delivered to the performer as multiple copies of the same CD.  Each CD has 22 tracks, each track is one minute long. Each of these tracks establishes a steady-state musical context.  The performer chooses to mix various tracks together from the various copies of the CD, establishing a dynamically changing musical environment which stimulates an improvised response. Scratch was created using JMSL (Java Music Specification Language) and JSyn.  All sounds result from the real-time manipulation of Anne La Berge's flute samples.  The synthesis circuit employed is called a waveshaper.  A waveshaper loads a function table with data, and drives the table with an audio signal.  The output is an audio signal representing the driver looking up values from the function table at audio rates.  For Scratch, a randomly chosen sample is loaded into the waveshaper's table, and another randomly  chosen sample is used as the driver.  Various synthesis parameters and playback parameters are subject to constrained chance operations, reining in the behavior of this generally chaotic circuit.

NUMUS 2000

April 25-29, 2000
DIEM, Musikhuset
Aarhus, Denmark

A festival of new music which will include an installation of JSyn pieces. Some of the JSyn pieces will be for multiple performers interacting across a network. JSyn related events will include a lecture on composers using JSyn, a lecture on the technology behind JSyn, and a four hour workshop on JSyn programming.

DownTown Ensemble performs Polansky's Killing Time

April 17, Monday, 8 PM
Renee Weiler Concert Hall
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow Street (Manhattan), NYC.
Tickets $9/$6
Info: Daniel Goode 212-925-6684 or
Reservations may be necessary, space is very small.

"I wrote a little piece in JSyn, called Killing Time, that I performed (a first version) with douglas repetto at the Cal Arts electronic music festival a few weeks ago. I'm going to do it again, in a different version (live computer and instruments) with the Downtown Ensemble." - Larry Polansky

Other works by Polansky, Christian Wolff, Barbara Benary.


Sun. March 26, 2000, 3 PM
New Museum of Contemporary Art, 583 Broadway, NYC
James Forrest (computer), Joel Mellin (computer), Barbara Benary (Erh Hu / Chung Hu), Nick Didkovsky (composer/software)
For info and reservations call (212) 219-1222 x200

Pop music gig curated by Phil Kline.  Sort of in the lineage of the Alternative Schubertiade (which is now a CD on CRI Records), this will be an evening of Pop Music performed in some probably pretty demented ways by a variety of cultural criminals... Performing a new JMSL/JSyn piece for two computers and Erh Hu/Chung Hu, based on the first 17 notes of "Why Don't You Write Me?", slowed down and looping almost unrecognizably, in Gamelan Son Of Lion tuning.

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