JSyn - modular synthesis API for Java.
JMSL - Java Music Specification Language
PortAudio - cross platform audio I/O API for 'C'

HMSL Manual - Original Documentation

These are PDF versions of the original chapters from the HMSL Manual, version 4.2 from 1992. The only changes are that I removed some phone numbers and PO box numbers.

000-Front.pdf - front cover


01-HMSL-Introduction.pdf - overview of HMSL

02-Learning_HMSL.pdf - how to learn HMSL, suggested paths

03-HMSL_Operation.pdf - basic operation, starting and stopping

04-ODE.pdf - Object Oriented Development Environment, basic classes

05-Shapes.pdf - multi-dimensional abstract data container

06-Players.pdf - shape player

07-Instruments.pdf - interpret shape data and translate it to musical output

08-Collections.pdf - hierarchical compositional objects like sequential and parallel connections

09-Structures.pdf - customizable hierarchical objects

10-Jobs_Prods.pdf - background tasks and music generators

11-Translators.pdf - number conversion, for example index to note in scale, or a frequency in a tuning

12-Perform_Actions.pdf - interactive table for controlling musical activity

13-MIDI.pdf - low level MIDI I/O and Standard MIDI Files

14-Time_Scheduling.pdf - hardware and software timer control

15-ControlGrids.pdf - cross platform GUI toolbox for making checkboxes, faders, etc. (1980's ...)

16-ScoreEntry.pdf - text based notation system, eg. 1/4 C A _MF PAR{ 1/2 G E }PAR

17-Recording_Sequencing.pdf - record MIDI output to a file or a simple sequencer

18-Forth-Extensions.pdf - miscellaneous Forth words added for HMSL

Apx-A-Morphs.pdf - catalog of compositional objects

Apx-B-Tips.pdf - handy tips and tricks

Apx-C-Classes.pdf - catalog of classes

hmsl_bib.pdf - bibliography and references