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For Immediate Release Announces Immediate Availability of JSynTM V14.2

SAN RAFAEL, CA - May 8, 2001 -, a leading provider of audio software for Java and the Web, announced immediate availability of JSynV14.2. JSyn is an audio toolbox for Java that can synthesize high fidelity music and sound effects directly on the user's computer without having to download large sound files. is one the first companies to provide a real-time audio synthesis API for Java. JSyn provides oscillators, filters, envelopes, sample players, wave shapers, and other synthesis modules that can be connected together to create complex sounds. Programmers can use JSyn to develop interactive audio applications that can be run as stand-alone applications, or as Applets in a web page. Because JSyn is Java based, the applications are cross-platform and can run on Macintosh or PC without recompiling.

This new version of JSyn comes with several new sound modules including a variety of resonant time-varying filters and EQ, a pitch detector, support for multi-channel audio cards, and new GUI tools such as rotary knobs. also released a new version of Wire, a graphical patch editor that allows JSyn circuits to be built interactively and exported as Java source code. JSyn V14.2 also supports audio recording on the Macintosh as well as the PC.

JSyn has been used in a variety of applications including online interactive musical instruments, web based telephony systems, interactive music textbooks, and data sonification programs. JSyn is also being used at colleges and universities to teach music and audio programming.

The JSyn product line includes freely downloadable browser plugins, a software development kit (SDK) for programmers, and an OEM package for commercial developers who wish to license JSyn.  JSyn is built on top of a 'C' based software synthesizer called CSyn. CSyn can also be licensed separately from JSyn for use in video games and other 'C' based applications.

One example of a JSyn program is the WebDrum Applet. The WebDrum is a drum pattern editor that uses a TransJam server to communicate between multiple performers. Several web surfers can perform a drum jam together and chat online. JSyn uses a time-stamping system that gives the drum beats rock solid timing. The WebDrum can be found at "".

The JSyn web site has a tutorial on JSyn programming, and has links to numerous interactive examples, compositions, and hyper-instruments that can be run from the browser.

The free JSyn plugins, SDK, and Wire, are available at:

Additional press materials are available at:

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