Phil Burk

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Curriculum Vitae

Phil Burk is a computer programmer and designer who specializes in interactive and experimental music systems. In 1981, developed  HMSL, the Hierarchical Music Specification Language with Larry Polansky and David Rosenboom at the Mills College  Center for Contemporary Music. Phil then worked at the 3DO company developing the first DSP based sound synthesis system for a video game console. At CagEnt, a 3DO spin-off, he developed a custom RISC style Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designed specifically for unit generator based synthesis and sound effects. Current projects include JSyn, a music synthesis API for Java, JavaSonics ListenUp for recording and uploading voice in a web page, and TransJam, a client/server system for multi-player interaction on the web. Most recently, Phil Burk led the Mobileer team in the development of a polyphonic ringtone player used in the Handspring Treo600 and other devices.

For more information, you can view his resume.

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